Frequently Asked Questions






Supported browsers

The following internet browsers can be used with Mio system

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla FIrefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome 


How do I create MXF files in your format?

Our file format is widely used within broadcast facilities around the world, and the list of software that can create it, grows rapidly.


As long as the files meet our technical requirements, we do not have any preference in what application is used to create the files, and we encourage our customers to use the tools that best suit their needs.


Below are a few examples, but please note that the list is not complete: 

 - Adobe Media Encoder

 - Adobe After Effects

 - Avid media Composer

 - Telestream Episode





Application notes


From time to time we hear about, or discover bugs or anormallies in some of the softwares used to create MXF files in our format. 


Episode (Mac only):

In this specific version of Episode, the check box “K2 Server Compliant op1a”. need to be checked under the encodert settings (as per below screen shot). 

If the box is not checked, the files produced by Episode can be rejected by the MIo software client with the error ”Duration Mismatch”. The above is only relevant for the specified version of Episode.


K2 server 



Older bulletins: